Kyrgyzstan carpets

And most important, the central element - shanyrak, or otherwise - tunduk, the circle on the top of the yurt. Symbol of the motherland and the hearth, which is decorated with the flags of both countries. So delicate is ready to frame tent consisting of tunduk (shanyrak) uuks, and kerege eshik.
Ences Bushes - the raw material for the grass mats. Chii - a mat that covers kerege - the walls of the yurt. At first glance it seems that this mat is not particularly functional load, the more so in the Mongolian yurt do not use it and only occasionally put out. In the heat of summer it can serve as a wall, which bends the felt, and through the chii betrays the breeze, bringing a pleasant coolness. But we can offer another version of origin ences. It may be no coincidence that the plant is chii from which the mat is made in India is considered sacred. It is made into mats for sadhana, puja, prayer. Of the variety of possible, only four litter Indian tradition is the ability to attract positive vibrations and this is one of them.
The centuries-old tradition identifies as the process of turning wool into felt, felt mat, or as it is called - kiiz. Of felt cut out the side cover of the yurt - tuurduk and felt mats covering the dome tent - uzuk. Warm, woolen walls and roof of the nomadic home. Paul lined yurt, or felt, painted colored traditional ornament - ala kiiz, which translates as a motley felt, or sewn from pieces of felt in different colors - shirdaks.
Koshma, which is traditionally used to cover the tent, sometimes in different colors, depending on the type of animals that are bred in the region. In Tibet, yaks are often, therefore, the yurt is traditionally covered with black koshma, a Turkic people are sheep, so koshma gray and white, but may be black. Less commonly felt mat is made from camel hair.

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