Kyrgyzstan cuisine

Historically, that among the Kyrgyz cuisine is dominated by meat, milk and flour. Harsh living conditions contributed to the emergence of easy to prepare, but very nutritious food. Characterized by the absence of any spice. When the nomadic lifestyle was hard to deal with crop production, so the fruits and vegetables were used for cooking only in stationary populations. However, with the prevalence of sedentary lifestyle and close communication with other peoples Kyrgyz cuisine meals have become more diverse and richer.
Kyrgyzstan - a multinational country, so the cooking directions are now a great many, but still dominated the eastern dishes and Asian cuisine.
Consider all deserving dishes that we would advise you to try, just does not seem possible, therefore, focus on the most popular Kyrgyz and some other national dishes.
Beshbarmak - an ancient nomadic dish - finely chopped lamb, covered with broth and mixed with finely chopped noodles, boiled in broth. The dish is traditionally considered one of the most solemn, but now often prepared in everyday life.
Kuurdak - roast cut into large cubes of meat products (liver, heart, lungs) or meat (lamb, beef, horse meat, poultry). Prepared on the fat-tailed fat with the addition of a large amount of onions. Moderately spicy dish, but fat.
Shorpo - clear mutton soup with potatoes and greens. Fat nutritious meal, moderately spicy. More postnoeshorpo - beef.
Bydzhy - specially prepared sheep stomach stuffed with meat and meat products, flavored with spices.
Oromo - Roll of unleavened dough stuffed with minced potatoes, onions, herbs and spices, steamed. In the light of European trends very well combined with ketchup. Chu Chuk-sausages made of horse meat with fat, cold appetizer, is considered a special delicacy. - the tours of trekking.         - travel around Kyrgyzstan for families. - horse riding for children. - exclusive destinations for trekking. - cultural tours in the nomadic Kyrgyzstan.           


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