Kyrgyzstan culture

Mankind has accumulated vast experience of awareness of their living space. One branch of the human tree - nomadic civilization. Let's get acquainted with the heritage of nomadic culture, with traditional nomadic home. Yurt - a unique architecture that is striking in its simplicity. In ancient times there was the concept of Chinese painting exquisite simplicity, we know the adage - all genius is simple. Yurt is a tradition that in its development came to just such a refined simplicity.
Even today the tradition is alive construction of a nomadic home.
Wood - Tal, which we know as the willow - transformed into a rack and rails. Reiki is bent, riveted leather cross connect - on - the cross and get kerege - folding walls of the yurt. Bend the edge enhances rigidity and riveting (rawhide) can stretch and fold the wall. The Kazakhs, the number of kerege, or as they are called rope - wings, made to determine the size of the yurt. So they are usually three, four, five or twelve wings of the largest tent. Circle kerege closes a door frame, barefoot. Barefoot consists of four parts: two lateral, one pritolochnoy and threshold. Four beams, due to slots, collected in the frame before installing a yurt. The frame is hung double door - eshik.
 From the bars are bent uuki - a structural element which creates a dome tent. It was decided to measure the size of a Kyrgyz yurt. Usually they say that the tent at the sixty or one hundred uuks say.

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