Kyrgyzstan food

Samsa - juicy puff pastry triangle with minced finely chopped lamb or beef. Perhaps cooking Sams minced chicken, cheese, mushrooms, potatoes, and sweet the variant Sams - from fruits, jam. Boorsok - an ancient ritual food - fried in boiling oil dough pieces of various shapes can be salty or sweet. Kattama - big cake layered with onions, very tasty dish, alone and with sour cream. Lagman (borrowed dish) - a long drawn homemade noodles with spicy hot sauce of meat and vegetables and spices. Depending on the number and types of spices Lagman can be very diverse.
Ashlyam Fu (borrowed dish) - a cold version of Laghman without meat with lots of spices and fresh herbs. Patyr-nan-nan tandoor, tokoch - a variety of delicious cakes of the dough with onions, sprinkled with a little spice (poppy seeds, caraway seeds, sesame seeds), and baked in the tandoor. The most popular drink is tea, the Kirghiz, and in the summer, as a rule, drink more green. A favorite drink was, and remains mare (kymyz) - fermented mare's milk.
Also popular beverage from germinated wheat ground - Bozo, oatmeal and barley - Zharma, max. Moreover, they are prepared according to ancient techniques, handed down from generation to generation. These foods are very nutritious, useful, quench thirst and have a special sour-tart taste. In addition to these national dishes and European cuisine, there are the usual traditional Russian, Chinese and Korean cuisine.
By the beginning of the summer tourist season has a lot of various vegetables, fruits and berries, and at low prices: strawberries, cherries, peaches, apricots, plums, pears, apples, raspberries, currants, grapes, and later appear watermelons and cantaloupes. By the way, apples are in Kyrgyzstan (Issyk-Kul in particular) are considered to be among the best in the world. In Kyrgyzstan, a lot of nuts - walnuts, and peanuts. - adventure tours. - trekking tours.       - Famous tours in Kyrgyzstan!    - active trips and tours.    - trekking around Kyrgyzstan. - horse riding to Son Kul Lake.             - tours for budget options.      - many tours for Europeans.        


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