Kyrgyzstan handicraft

Felt is environmentally friendly raw materials, keeping cool on a hot day and warm in the cool night. If the heat in the tent, then in it, as in the boots, very warm. In ancient times, in the middle of the tent was a hearth, thrust, and rose up to the tunduk due to traction and rounded shape of the yurt. Today, nomadic peoples use the oven, where the pipe is shown on top. Koshma protects against wind and weather, although not completely. Even a good tent can withstand 3 days of heavy rain, then begins to flow.
It should be noted that, as in ancient times and today, the tent was covered not only koshma, but also matter and carpets. One can cite as an example, the famous summer tent of Tamerlane. In the tent covered with a light matter, and in their own comfortable and convenient.
Decorating the interior of the yurt and deserve a separate story.
People in ancient times correlated space in which they live with the winds and currents of life and tried to live in harmony with the world. We try to use traditional methods and in our lives. It is very important when a tradition becomes a museum, not hanging on the wall becomes a herbarium, as well as grain falls into the fertile soil and germinate. Today we live in a yurt, and this is also a tradition, but some things we are changing in the modern vein. For example, we paint your tent with special paint to prevent rotting wood. So the tradition is not a rejection of the technology available today, opportunities available today. The tradition is a continuation of that begun by our ancestors. Ancient people perceive themselves as the flow of life. All that we say and how we think, been developed by our ancestors, we are continuing this thread, and tradition does not stop him, and helps a person to take responsibility for the movement of this flow. Then, perhaps, our descendants may live, based on what we add to this thread.

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