Uzbekistan travel and trip 05

Uzbekistan Tours: Tour 05
Activity: Cultural tour
Direction: Uzbekistan
Duration: 10 days

Day 1: arrive YOU Are the airport "Tashkent" and your guide WILL be meeting. Are YOU in the city of Tashkent Accompany. Then YOU Have A Breakfast. Your night in a hotel in Tashkent organized.
Day 2: We start our tour About Éinen transfer to the airport. Morning flight to Urgench. Arrival in Urgench, Khiva A transfer, settlement at the hotel. Tour of Khiva: Ichang-Kala A Architectural Complex (12-19 century) - The list of World Heritage Site by UNESCO - Residences latest khan including Hodge Ismail Mohammed Amin Hana mausoleum madrassas. A DINNER in the course of the day. A DINNER. Your night in a hotel in Khiva organized.
Day 3: Day Begins around Bukhara (6 hours). A DINNER on the road. Arrival in Bukhara. Arrival at the hotel. A DINNER. Your WILL night at hotel in Bukhara organized.
Day 4: In seven mornings a breakfast. Sights of Bukhara: Ismail Samonid Mausoleum (A place of burial of the Samanid dynasty founder Ismaila Samani, 10th century), Kalon minaret and a mosque Kalon Give the Arab madrasah Miri, Ljabi A house complexes, drink Ark fortress (the House of Governors of Bukhara), Small Choir. A DINNER in the course of the day. A DINNER. Your WILL night at hotel in Bukhara organized.
Day 5: Day Begins with disk Nurata. Visit an old mosque built BY holy water in the spring and sacred fish, ancient ruins of the fortress of Alexander the Great DEM. A DINNER. Happen to Yangigazgan to village in the Kyzyl Kum desert in the Kazakh yurt. Learn Switzerland, camels in the evening to go. The one DINNER A Fire with similar die Kazakh Kazakh National songs to sing. Your night organized in one yurt.
Day 6: In seven mornings a breakfast. Driving on camels Kyzyl Kum. A trip to the lake Ajdarkul. A DINNER. After THE move to Samarkand. Arrival to Samarkand. A DINNER. Your WILL night at the hotel in Samarkand organized.
Day 7: Seven A morning breakfast. Sights of Samarkand die counting: the Famous Registan area (with 17th century Sher Dor and Tilla measles Ulugbek 15th century), Zinda necropolis Shokhi (the most important pilgrimage site in Samarkand), die remains grandiose Bibi Khanum Mosque, Gur Emir, the. Mausoleum (r winner Amir Temur (Tamerlane), his two sons and two grandsons are buried, 15th century), Observatory of Ulugbek. A DINNER in the course of the day. A DINNER. Your WILL night at the hotel in Samarkand organized.
Day 8: EXIT Our tour of a disk to Tashkent (4 hours). Arrival in Tashkent. Settlement in the hotel. A DINNER. Sights of Tashkent, including visits to a Chorsu market in an old part of the city of Tashkent, mosques and Kukuldash Did the Imam - is the official religious center for Muslims in Central Asia from madrassas die Barrack-khan. A DINNER. Your night in a hotel in Tashkent organized.
Day 9: Our guide WILL airport of Tashkent Accompany.
5 - In 1218 Genghis Khan launched a campaign against the Kara-Chinese and Khorezm Emperor began. In 1218-1219, has a variety of Mongols under the command of Genghis Khan's general Jebe Kara-China (the seven-River Valley and East Turkestan).
In September 1219 Genghis Khan came to Otrar, where he divided his army into three parts: to besiege one under the command of his sons Uktai (Ugadey) and Chgatai Otrar, other Yuchi was given and sent towards Jend for the seizure of the cities along the banks of the Syr Darya, while he himself, with his son Tuluy headed for Bukhara. All three campaigns Chingizids met with success.
After the conquest of Bukhara, Samarkand had Ghengis in April 1220, then Khojend (Khujand), where he took a short break before the busy campaign towards the steppe and Termez, Qarshi. After the bloody massacres in Qarshi and Termez, Genghis Khan crossed the Amu Darya and in 1221 captured the city of Balkh. In the meantime, his sons, the capital of the state of Khorezm sheikhs Gurganj (Urgench) besieged. At the beginning of 1222 conquering Genghis son Tuluy Merv and Khorasan. Thus, Genghis Khan, who conquered all of Central Asia, is expanding his empire.
Later Ghenhis Khan divided his kingdom between his sons. The older son Yuchi, as far back as 1207 got the "Forest Peoples" as a domain. These nations inhabited a vast area from the lower reaches of the Selenga River Irtysh. By the time of Genghis's death (in 1227) joined those countries were inhabited by the area of ​​the Kazakhs and Kyrgyz and the northern part of Khorezm. Possession of the second of his sons, Chagatai, countries of the Uyghur (East Turkestan) to Samarkand and stretched from the southern part of the Altai to the banks of the Amu Darya. The Horde Khan Uktai main forces were removed in Turbagat. The youngest son Tuluy, according to the custom of the nomads, inherited the main lands of his father. The Maverounahr formed part of the possessions of Chagatai, but was actually of Uktai Khan (1229-1241), which dealt obtained from the Chagatai and his family a portion of the revenue from Maverounahr controlled.